Designer and former professional soccer player John Stavros has recently created and produced a project that will take the soccer world by storm. Considered during his collegiate and pro years as the most avant-garde player ever to kick the ball, Mr. Stavros is still active in the game at the age of 63. During the 1994 World Cup, (1st ever held in the USA) John was the original designer for Team Gear, the company responsible for over $28 million in T-shirt sales. His approach to the game and to sportswear design has always been the same: maintain a bold sense of individualism while at the same time having fun. In the 70’s Mr. Stavros pioneered a look that combined athletic and high fashion styles, much like designers have been doing lately with their unabashed rip-off of the Adidas stripes. It was also during the 70’s that John started The S.S.T.’s, the first-ever New York City women’s soccer team. Comprised of models, actresses, and Studio 54 regulars, S.S.T. quickly gained the attention of soccer fans all over the world. They were featured in magazines, newspapers, TV shows and commercials. Not too far from this latter concept is the latest idea from John.

In 1999, he began the development of the first ever Women of Soccer Calendar. Featuring top female athletes that played the game from all over the world — each representing one of the countries hoping to compete in the World cup, this calendar has gained a lot of publicity during its five years of publication. Hard Copy and the Spanish network Telémundo have both featured exclusive stories on the calendar.

During 2003/2004 Mr. Stavros has been an integral support as the promoter for the Champions World Series, featuring Manchester United, Juventes, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Celtic and Club America.

Mr. Stavros is currently laying plans for the next installment of the Women of Soccer® 2014 project, a DVD compilation featuring the beautiful models from our past calendars. The DVD includes footage of the photo shoots as well as beach scenes of the girls kicking the ball around. “The Women of Soccer® annual calendar and soon to be released movie follows in the rich multi-cultural tradition of the World Cup; through both the variety of models selected and the countries represented, said Stavros. With a potential world-wide audience of over 2.5 billion soccer fans, this calendar could well be the most talked about piece of sports memorabilia in decades.”

For a behind-the-scenes look at the calendar and DVD, check out the web site Here you can vote for your favorite model, the winner of which will grace the cover of next year’s calendar. As model selection for the calendar is the most difficult part of the calendar’s creation.

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